Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shan's HERE

Oh god, Shan's here and she's amazing and beautiful and even better than I could've possibly imagined. It was just... from the moment we met up it was cheesy and romantic and felt like a moment from every lame romance you can think of, but we're just... I dunno, we just fit. And...
Yeah. No offense, internet, but I think I'm keeping the details of tonight to myself. Because no matter how long I live I will never forget tonight.
The first night together with the woman I love....

In any event, I'm going back to bed(and Shan!), just wanted to get this brief update up.

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  1. adybfuysbefyufusrbyhjbiu78()a7*(79h709 i look so stupid with my glasses I forgot how dorky I am aaaaaaahhhh >.<