Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And So It Begins

I meant to put this up a the night before last, but Cam was a little spooked so we end up spending the past... day or so together doing random cheerful happy things to calm down and  keep safe. There's been a lot going on with us...

Okay, first, my current theory. This is the big one, the one we're basing our current strategy on. I know people like M say that you have to run, you have to run, there's no other way to be safe, but I'm not noticing any particular difference in encounter rates for those who run and those who don't, when I'm peeking through the blogs. More importantly, I'm seeing a pattern, one that a certain book I mentioned the other day supports.
It's not about running or fighting or whatever. It's about fear.

Think about it, guys. When do you see Slendy? It's always when you're sad or angry or afraid, right? Anyone reading this, I want you to do me a favor. Think about any encounters you've had-proper encounters, not just unobtrusive sightings. Think about what you were feeling at the time. Be brutally honest with yourself. And then and only then, if you can think of an exception, please let me know, either by email or in the comments.

But that's what Cam and I are working off of. We're fortifying all the doors and windows to the apartment to keep proxies out and instituting a firm policy of staying as cheerful as possible. We've stocked up on cheer-up music, movies, and the like to help in this effort.

I wish I could give you all citations from the book, but I can't scan it, and random floating quotes don't really count for much outside of formal papers.

Ah well.

In other news, Cam and I had our first Proxy encounter Saturday. We were out picking up supplies when we were approached. We were in Home Depot, and Cam had gone off to go look for something that we were having problems finding when these two women walked up to me. I thought at first they needed help, they were both... not dressed like the kind of person you'd normally find in a home improvement store. This impression was not helped by the giggling when they approached. I prepared myself to politely help them and move on, but the conversation wasn't quiiite what I expected. It just felt... OFF somehow.
That feeling wasn't helped after they left and Cam returned and told me she'd had a similar run in. Neither of us were horribly surprised, therefore, to discover the four of them waiting in the parking lot.
Subtlety was not quite their strong suit. After some minor bullshit about being an easy mark for someone so high on their list or something, they came at us.
Guys, Cam did SCA heavy fighting back in college and I was on the wrestling team in high school. They were pretty obviously not prepared for us. I guess we look weak or something.

I've got one hell of a black eye and Cam has a wicked bruise on her ribs, but we're doing pretty well otherwise. I don't expect us to be so lucky next time. Cam's pretty freaked, because next time the odds are high that there won't be a convenient dowel rod for her to fight with, and she's pretty useless without some vague approximation of a sword.

We've finished our fortifacations, and we don't plan on leaving unless we have to. Until we figure out better plans to defend ourselves, it'll have to do.

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  1. You know it's funny but I just had a run in with some proxies/hollowed myself while conducting my most recent experiment and I'm a little worse for wear...:c I'll post about it soon. You and Cam keep safe for me please!