Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Apartment Keeps Filling Up.

Hi. I'm Cammy. Elan's talked about me, I know. He's too busy with Shan and with his dissertation to post much, lately, so I decided to do it.

Uh. Things have been nice, really. Mostly quiet. Shan and Elan are still inseparable. Which is sweet, I'm really happy for them. Elan  needed someone, I think. He's so... closed off. With most of us. Doesn't like to let his real feelings show.
But Shan cuts right through that. I've never seen him so... openly happy. At least, not since we were kids.

I guess I'm doing pretty well on that front too. Nikki, our neighbor, the one I've been dating... well, her apartment got robbed. Whoever it was stole her bed, so she's been... She's been staying with us. My bed's big enough for two, so...

The robbery has us fortifying our own apartment, we don't really want to risk a break in here, with all of us.



  2. This is tragedy you bastards! Quit coming closer together! Fall apart! Fight! Panic!

    Bleed <3... Hehe.